The BMF Haase biogas-upgrader can also be used for industrial gases with a certain amount of CH4. For example, in the paper industry, but also in many other industries, extremely short amortization periods are reliable, so that the biogas-upgrader represents an attractive alternative to electricity production.

When disposing of process gases from industrial applications, the BMF HAASE torches and the VocsiBox® form an efficient possibility for the disposal, respectively the purification of gas. The systems are individually designed for the specific gas composition and thus enable the achievement of a very high treatment quality and process stability. The systems are used for instance for degassing tank wagons, food waste gas treatment, associated gas, exhaust air treatment, pyrolysis gas disposal and for the general disposal of process gas (e.g., ethylene oxide).

Water treatment plants for industrial sewage and contaminated industrial water represent a core market for the BMF Group. Through reverse osmosis The purely physical process of reverse osmosis renders it possible that particularly heavily contaminated water can be treated economically and efficiently. The systems are implemented, for instance, in the automotive, paint and chemical industries but can also be used in many other areas.