Landfill aftercare

The landfill area has always been one of the most important sales markets for BMF HAASE. Over decades, the company has developed and constantly expanded its technical know-how.

With the BMF HAASE gas compressor stations, flares, lean gas systems and the VocsiBox®, landfills can be systematically degassed during their entire life cycle and be treated in an environmentally friendly manner. Here, product solutions are found for each life stage of a landfill. A particular focus is on the disposal of lean gas. In this field, BMF Haase has been able to establish a particularly strong position in recent years and has developed the BMF Haase Vocsibox®, a future-orientated technology. (For further information, please refer to „Lean gas treatment“).

Optimized reverse osmosis systems were specially developed for the treatment of leachate. For over 20 years and worldwide, landfill leachate water has been successfully treated and disposed of without endangering the environment. This application is characterized by a very high effectiveness and, at the same time, a resource-saving operation, as well as low treatment costs. The reverse osmosis systems are usually manufactured as container systems and are available in standardized sizes from 40 m³ / d – 200 m³ / d. Other sizes and customized solutions are also possible at any time. (For further information, see „Reverse Osmosis“).

For more information, see Lean Gas Treatment.