Gas Pretreatment

Wherever a gas is to be implemented, it is very often necessary to free the supplied process gas, biogas, sewage gas or landfill gas from unwanted components (hydrogen sulfide, silicon, water, etc.) prior to further use. BMF HAASE offers the appropriate technology for every application.

Whether it is gas cooling with subsequent drying (water separation) or activated carbon filters (single filter, double filter with cross-connection) in combination with specially selected activated carbon (hydrogen sulfide and silicon discharge, fluid retention) or a compact combination of the two processes depending on the task assigned.

In the field of gas engineering, combined heat and power cogeneration and water treatment, BMF HAASE produces state-of-the-art systems for process plants. Due to the high-industrial-standard production, the products stand out with regard to long-term durability and exceptional availability which means a real added value for the customer.