The BMF HAASE Biogas Upgrader is the future for biogas processing; the organic, physical cleaning enables very high processing quality at a low energy consumption rate. The biogas upgrader plays an important role in the planning of new biogas plants as well as offering a highly interesting alternative to cogeneration plants from the economic point of view. With the biogas upgrader it is possible to to exploit the existing potentials of a biogas plant extremely efficiently and with strong returns on the long term.

The proven BMF HAASE quality is also reflected in the development and production of emergency flares for biogas and sewage gas. These applications place particular demands on the reliability of the technology, since they are only operated for just a few hours a year and yet have to automatically start immediately in case of an emergency situation. Due to the standard of the industrial production and the selection of high-quality components, the customer is offered a reliable equipment technology, which is applied both in biogas plants and in the sewage gas sector.

Today biogas operators are confronted with a wide range of requirements regarding the treatment and storage of fermentation residues and polluted waters. Changes in the legal framework mean that new solutions have to be found to meet the new requirements resulting from such changes. BMF HAASE develops solutions specifically tailored to the requirements and the location, whereby the core component of BMF HAASE plant technology is the reverse osmosis system technology which has successfully been applied for decades.